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Visnapuu Design
One woman. One vision. One amazing talent.


When designing a landscape Sandra starts by looking from the interior, as that is how you will enjoy it on so many days. Her lifelong skills as a painter and extensive travels around the world allow her to understand scale and create different moods within a space. It takes discipline to implement architectural framework in the garden which permits both discipline and drama brought to life by innovative design.

She is inspired by the Italians who introduced statuary to gardens, the formality of French and the romance and livability of English gardens. It’s her intention to seamlessly infuse these stalwart principles to the lay of the land the house sits within and the personalities of those who live within it. 

Sandra is a long standing member of the New York Botanical Garden, The English Speaking Union, The Irish Georgian Society, The Royal Oak Foundation, The British National Trust, The National Trust for Historic Preservation, The American Horticultural Society, The Royal Horticultural Society and The Garden Conservancy. These are organizations that promote and protect historic houses and gardens, and inspire designers from around the world.

Your dream is our vision, and while a vision has no boundaries, focus and restraint along with knowledge and experience will be what is needed for a great result.

With an artist’s eye, I understand scale and the value in creating different moods within a space.
— Sandra Visnapuu