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Healthy Holiday Spirits

I simply adore Christmas, lucky me; because my childhood memories would easily carry me throughout my lifetime.

This year I asked everyone around our table to share a holiday memory, which was all fun and games for the most part - until one guest revealed overly personal information and a ‘winters dreariness’ descended. Her deliverance was staggeringly depressing, crushing our upbeat temperaments and resulting in a deafening silence. I am not often stuck for words but there were none to offer. She had revealed her soul.

Keep your spirits high by exposing yourself to the sun, surround yourself with freshness of greenery and color. The Camellia’s serene beauty is a special treat here in Connecticut. Grown in a container, it can be brought into bloom during the winter months.

Void of color in your summer urn; plant some cold hardy plants such as Primroses or Cyclamens with the protection (in my case) of an Antique French Cloche. Remember to use a protected spot or unusually cold temperatures will require additional thinking.

Forcing bulbs into a kitchen window, or planting herbs will trigger the subtle aroma of BBQ days. Or simply fill your favorite bowl with a hot-house grown Hydrangea, it should last a month.

Not to be over-looked is the unexpected pleasure of bird watching. It’s truly rewarding on a cold dreary afternoon, while working from home.

We at the SEV Design Group hope you enjoyed a harmonious time and wish you the best on New Year's Eve. See you in 2017! 


Sandra Visnapuu