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There is a breeze in the air...Fall

Although this weather is freakishly warm, it's still time to get busy because there is much to accomplish before that other 'unforgiving' season falls upon us. Our crew will be digging out the fabulous Dahlia’s in New Canaan, replenishing the beds with seasonal soil, and bedding down  dramatic tulips bulbs - so they will be ready for their springtime ta-da!

A little reminder to be very careful when using 'Bone Meal' as our beloved furry friends who share the garden are thrilled with the taste of organic fertilizers, even with a daffodil, which is poisonous! All parts of the daffodil contain a toxic chemical, lycorine and the part of the plant that contains the highest concentration is the bulb! So who cares if they don’t eat it, when every bulb you spent the day planting is strewn across your lawn!

Fall is a unique time to establish some larger trees into the landscape, although not to be over-looked because it cannot be found are large trees such as the Himalayan Pine for us sometime plant elitists. Up-yonder in Washington, CT we will be bringing in some specimen Norway, Concolor and Blue Spruce for screening. Tagged for digging - it is heavy work even with large equipment, our big strong men will be in demand.

NOW is the best time to schedule new projects. Trees can be dug out or shaped (without damage to existing or new beds) in the growing season. In Wilton we will be doing just that, plus marking the beds to be developed for next year plantings. We will clear out the old grass and weeds, mix in fall leaves, lawn clippings, topsoil and manures. Like a farmer I love the look of good clean earth before me. I know the rewards to be reaped with good tree husbandry and soil prep in gardens.

Although, without good design it is often not…..

Image: Concolor and Blue Spruces

Sandra Visnapuu