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      If These Trees Could Talk


March frolicked “In like a lamb” and if the weather predictions are correct it is going to rage “Out like a lion” with a ‘nor’easter’ forecast next week. It is a month to tease, although it is not the heat or a beach I yearn for, it is Spring which has sent me packing. 

A prelude to my Dutch tulip pilgrimage is a luxurious weekend at Lucknam Park Hotel in Wiltshire, England. This beautiful property is surrounded by 500 acres of countryside, and it’s the subtle push of bulbs, the greening of the trees and roll out of blooms that will reinvigorate me.

The Palladian mansion, dating back from 1720, has kept the refinement of its past, while procuring the latest must haves as a luxury hotel and spa. 

This fabulous double avenue of Beech and Lime trees will captivate you, as if a spell had been cast. Leading you to the breathtaking, panoramic sweep of the historic house and grounds. From the day the first seedling was planted in 1827 - to the 400 trees that stand firm today, the mile long driveway has quite a history. During the second World War, Spitfires and Hawker Hurricanes were wheeled over from the RAF Air Command Field across the road. Fortuitously, during the air raids you could not find a better cover than the wide birth or ‘wing span’ of the Lime and Beech natural canopy.

I planned our visit during the last weekend of March, to coincide with the magnificence of bulbs in bloom running the entire length of the drive.

Daffodils leave as quickly as they bloom; so pick them in bud, place them in a brown grocery bag (securing the end with a rubber band) and leave them in the back of the refrigerator for approx. 8 weeks. When ready to use, snip off the ends, place them in water and enjoy.

Whether it’s a stay at an elegant hotel or dining, whilst taking in verdant surroundings, it reminds me of another idiom….

Once smitten, forever its slave