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Keep it Real with SEV Design Group Living Tree Gifts

Fall (falls) upon us on Friday, September 22nd, closely followed by Halloween and Thanksgiving. That can only mean one thing - the holidays are coming, so why not be perfectly prepared? 

Surprising someone with a living tree is unique, kinder to the environment and it will thrive for future generations.

Simply choose a tree* with the approximate height, inform us of the occasion and what decorations you will require. We offer:

  • Garlands
  • Lighting
  • Ornaments 
  • Wreaths
  • Skirt

All our trees are delivered with a personalized gift card attached to them. For trees over 9-foot, an advanced site visit can be arranged to ensure the design and location is perfect.

Commemorate special holidays, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, a new baby or corporate gift with a tree, that will continue to thrive for future generations. Order one as a surprise for someone who needs cheering up, a neighbor who is unable to decorate a tree themselves, or as a random act of kindness to a local charity.

*Tree Choices: Choose an Alaskan Cedar, a contemporary version draped in clear globes to bring light to the season or the classic Fraser Fir and the noble all wrapped with traditional lighting.

"I cannot tell you how I feel about ‘others’ holidays except that I accept them for all the joy and happiness it brings them. I also believe that a large majority of what we feel for Christmas comes from our youth….we never quite lose that….or hope." - Sandra Visnapuu

Make your initial inquiry by calling Sandra on 203 217 7406 or email: SANDRA@VISNAPUUDESIGN.COM

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