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You Can Rationalize Anything

A statement piece I have been known to wear seems fitting as we approach Saint Valentine’s Day. I love such occasions, as they give us excuses to do what we might pass over for practicality.

I once surprised a client’s husband with a Valentine’s Day ‘PUTTING GREEN!’ Although, it would be an equally clever gift for Father’s Day, a birthday or anniversary celebration.

A green is actually very practical because it only takes a second to change out of your work clothes and relieve the stress from the office. It’s beautiful because you can adorn it with topiaries, a flower bed or simply surround it with different grasses which look sleek, chic and modern. Lastly with the ultimate importance is that it comes with love and guarantees fun. Upon completion of the Connecticut backyard beauty, the owners hosted the ultimate summer cocktail party. 


Ageless, equally enthralled by children and the adults who shared the moment late in to the night! Oh how the Veuve Cliquot flowed…

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.
— Rumi