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Besides The Obvious What Makes a Garden Interesting?

The list is never ending - however, if you look around it might be a simple gate that is functional and directs you in or out of the garden. Simple does not mean without detail - design for me always comes first. But the artisan who uses their craftsmanship and sets the functionality of a gate shares equal in my respect.

As Spring approaches, we have been busy installing gates this week. Even though not completely adorned in place, I could not wait to share them with you.

Details for consideration:

  • Painted white = classic
  • Pickets set on angles
  • Birdhouses for finals
  • Wonderful custom strappings and hinges
  • Painted black = modern
  • Rounded pickets set into drilled holes top and bottom
  • Spanish Cedar for extra strength and durability
  • The perfect little final adorns the top

I like to think of a gate as a fine piece of jewelry hung outside.