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Bonnie Blue Skies of Scotland


The Blue Skies of Scotland are as rare to locals as the Meconopsis Betonicifolia Poppy is to most of us living in the United States. Often referred to as Scotland’s other flower (Thistle being #1) the diverse range of stunning blues (also known as the Himalayan Blue Poppy) will mesmerize the most avid sky enthusiast.

Why so rare to us? Because it prefers is cool wet summers. The Himalayan Blue Poppy thrives in the highlands of Scotland and when we visited at Dunbeath Castle and Gardens - the glade was strewn with poppies, carefully following the curve of the stream. The striking heads enthusiastically nodding in the light breeze – as if to affirm their brilliance. The overall effect well worth the walk!

Many private gardens are open for charity and booked by appointment only. I strongly recommend Scotland’s National Garden Scheme who list 3,700 breathtaking private gardens.

It is also worth joining the National Trust for Scotland, which list all their gardens, interiors and properties, giving the locations, times and seasonal plantings.

Even though Connecticut has been known to have cool wet summers, it also shares hot dry conditions, which this poppy deplores. Still I plan to give them a patch of shade and wetness in my new creek side garden at ‘Boar House’. That and plan another visit to Scotland and see the Meconopsis Betonicifolia in May / June when they are in full bloom.