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Fleeting Moments of Perfection


More often than not, I am asked to design a landscape which encompasses fast growing, low maintenance flowers and plants which continuously bloom.

I respond to easy and fast growing with: “The right plants will be positioned in the right spot.” Low maintenance depends on the frequency of upkeep, and for some their own gardening skills. The request for continuously in bloom is more difficult to achieve, and only after years of experience, am I able to produce spectacular, ongoing results.


Without a doubt, a garden holds the most interest when the designer has cleverly orchestrated blooms, so there is constantly something new emerging. I stagger annuals in and around main stay perennials to bolster them, so when they fade another surge of vivid color soon appears. Luxury, is when you allow your garden to be filled with seasonal plantings and bursts of color that steal the show. 


Flaunting themselves is a splendid display of Primula japonica’s and Phlox divaricate (commonly called woodland phlox), 'a moment of perfection'. 


Soon to be fleeting, because all attention will move to a steep hillside garden overlooking the swimming pool and summer plantings.