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Courage and Commitment


No matter what the size or cost - every project I have taken on has to have a vision. Some clients prefer to enter unknowingly, while others take that leap of faith based on experience. Unusual for many is an approach I swear by - garden first, house second!

A 17th Century converted barn in Wilton, Connecticut has given me renewed energy and vigor. There has been much excitement generated over the neglected barn – which is now my personal project. The house is in desperate need of updating, yet the carnage from the unkempt grounds and time of year dictated the urgency. It was exactly the excuse I needed.

Finishing up the design for the building and its interior brings immediate gratification. A garden of interest however, takes time and maturity. Nature doesn’t care that you’ve finished up, they have a forever dictum - time!

The drama was immediate, I could not implement any design or grow much without drains being installed. The overgrown shrubs were covered with wild roses and bramble. The dangerous White Pines broken and dangling would destroy any new plantings and the enormity of the Poison Ivy would bring anyone to their knees. Four of the largest dumpsters were filled to the brim.

Even though I’m not new to challenges in design, my new venture has brought extra meaning to the word ‘courage’. A home cannot be without its garden. I am committed to getting it set correctly, before I set to work on the house. It will be the solace I seek after hammers and screeches end the day.


My wire-haired Dachshund - Ms. Violette and Scottie - Mr. Finlay welcome the fresh smell of newly laid sod. I relish the cleanliness and order.


Much work ahead at the BOAR HOUSE....