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A Garden for One


It takes a strong, forgiving personality to weather the needs of a garden. 

Most gardens are grown from the passion of an individual - although others may be influenced, guided or educated. It might start with landscaping, necessity or compliance but in the end the drive is solitary.

One particular garden located in Wilton, CT I have known from its conception. It was presented to me as a landscaping need. Typical with a new construction, the barest clearing of the property had been done, leaving their surroundings strewn with rocks and boulders. I thought that the contractor debris was quite unique and challenging - my suggestion was to begin there.

Gardens evolve as we do. Having recently returned, it has been beyond gratifying to work on what I started, in addition to improve on work done in my absence. This beautiful garden was needed in someone’s life and continues to sustain interest from all.