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The Bulbous Snowdrop


The brilliant little white harbingers of Spring, the Snowdrop are bulbous perennials botanically known as ‘Galanthus’. It comes from the Greek wording gala, ‘milk’ and anthus, ‘flower’. Heralded – Snowdrop followers are referred to as ‘Galanthophiles’, traveling far and wide to enjoy a wide range of varieties.

A solitary flower is pristine however, this is a bulb to be strewn in large numbers and exceptionally well suited for wet locations! Tough, big smiles and much light-headedness come when these delicate looking white buds dangle from grass like threads through snow and mud in mass.


Obtaining no interest from deer, rabbits, voles and numerous rodents it seems a no-brainer in a woodland setting.  

If you really want to “walk on the wild side” treat yourself in February and plan a trip to England and Scotland. It is at that time the Snowdrop Festivals are in full bloom. Stunningly organized, you will find yourself walking amongst gentrified ‘Galanthophiles’ (and their dogs) in fine country house gardens. Welcoming your interest at a time of the year when so little is in bloom, the enthusiasm is contagious like a smile.

A self-confessed ‘Galanthophile’ - Boar House will be adding to its Snowdrop collection with; ‘Galanthus nivalis’,  ‘Galanthus elwesii’, and ‘Leucojum Gravetye Giant’. The latter cultivar name honors Gravetye Manor, the Sussex England home of horticulturist and garden writer William Robinson who introduced this plant.

Gravity Manor - Photo Credit: thegravetyegardener (follow on Instagram)

Gravity Manor - Photo Credit: thegravetyegardener (follow on Instagram)

Cocktails on the terrace!

Cocktails on the terrace!

Next on my list is a personal favorite of mine and I think worthy of effort - the Tulip.

Happy Planting!

Sandra xo