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Accessorizing Our Gardens


As tempting as it is to write about the arrival of those conspicuous Spring bulbs or the Primula japonica’s which will follow. Or the divine roses I’ve ordered, let's talk about the practicality of accessorizing the garden.

It is something that lasts forever, looks good regardless to the weather, brings interest and can be so much fun in acquiring. 

Once when traveling in the countryside of France and spotting a ‘Bronze Boar’ an immediate u-turn was made and the purchase and shipping home was done in less than half an hour. Careful limited choices are paramount otherwise it becomes clutter!


I love things that bring purpose as a bench used, or something that has a personal story to be shared and always a success is the beauty of art in urns and sculpture. 

closing photo.jpg

Clay pots bring the illusion of sun, stone urns and classic wooden boxes bring permanence and elegance, still a small object placed correctly next to a larger entity can also bring charm to an otherwise structural wall or terrace.

White is always safe and pristine in the garden but color has its place as well. In the photos below it was an immediate success even before finishing our installation just by placing the painted boxes in front of newly planted greenery. There is no need to plant flowers in the boxes as the topiary and color are rather chic alone!


Upon writing this and after much deliberation I have decided to enter a client’s (now a dear friend) Landscape Design into the The Innovation in Design Awards by CTC&G. It struck me that after a complete overhaul what makes it enchanting, is the fact it blends itself with the surroundings by applying tasteful and natural accessories.