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My Grandfather's Workshed

*A Christmas wish*


 A Grandpa’s girl, I followed his every movement in his sanctum, his workshed. Memories of the tasks at hand could not resonate more than today. 

His space was organized and meticulous. Care was given to his tools as if he were polishing silver, and even though faint, the distinct smell emanating from hand-oiled tool handles permeated the room. It was a comfort. His was a floor you could eat off.  Permissible, the radio blared the blow-by-blow moves of his favorite San Francisco Giants baseball team while a cigarette dangled from his mouth.

He was just wonderful. 

Tools were bought for life, you took care of them and though he did have help in the garden they were also given explicit direction as to their care when used.

My subject though is not just with care - but the importance of cleanliness to the tools and equipment used in our gardens.  With a summer filled with rain and heat, fungus is in the forefront and cleanliness is the best preventative spray you can have. 

Under normal conditions here in Connecticut tools would be thoroughly cleaned in the Fall and stored for the winter.

Not so, your tools. Those of who come to work in your garden - or the lawn service you use - must wash and spray a disinfectant every single time!

Boxwood blight and lawn fungus are spreading and going unchecked - when they can often be prevented, controlled, or eliminated with the appropriate spray upon detection, or by just a simple lesson resonating from my Grandfather’s workshed.

Sandra Visnapuu