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Holiday Gifts

Holiday Gifts


For those of you who are ultra organized and need a show-stopper for the holidays, or those who envy the beautiful decorum throughout Christmas, or like the majority of us who just need someone to take away the PAIN of stringing lights on the tree…

SEV Design Group are here to help! Let’s Get Started


Yes, SEV Design Group can deliver your cut trees and string the lights, as well provide all your decorating needs. However, you can also “surprise” someone special in your life with a live tree - ultimately thoughtful and kinder for our environment, a tree to be enjoyed for future generations.

“Enjoy” your thunder-struck guests delight when delivering your bundle of appropriate sized live trees, party favors for a memorable evening with you and yours. Enrich your life with a cut/plug-in ready tree, delivered anonymously or with a gift signature card to the lady down the street all alone, or under stress this year.

Suggested Trees and Gifts

Party Favor Live / Norway, Blue, or Frasier (2-3’)

Specialized Live / Alaskan Cedar draped in globe lights (10-12’/ 16-20’)

 Live / Fraser Fir strung with classic white lights (6-8’ / 10-12’)

Classic Christmas Kindness Cut/Plug in ready, delivered anonymous or with gift card signature (4-6’ / 6-8’)

Also available - garlands, wreaths, mantel arrangements, front door decor, Strung lighting only or all décor, Antique ornaments / wildlife friendly or a gathering of contemporary sparkle.

Our work is as unique as you want to be. Provide a budget or we can estimate your needs. Call Sandra on 203 217 7406.

  • Conceptional garden drawing

  • Engraved spade, shovel or pruning shears

  • Teak boxes or bench, or garden gates

  • Gloves, hat or Estate Jewelry from L’Armoire

  • Luncheon garden lecture of your choice

Decorated Tree - Wee Burn Country Club - November 2017

Decorated Tree - Wee Burn Country Club - November 2017