No two clients are the same, so no two projects are the same

Your dream is our vision. We do not have a set template, but build your perfect space by listening to what you hope to achieve and then making it happen. Below are some recent and current projects that showcase the diversity of our design ethos.

A British couple asked for a taste of home

Creating the feel of an quintessential 'English Country Garden' for a New England location may sound simple, but this downtown property was exposed and on the corner of one of the busiest streets. This charming Cape Cod was also elevated, so the daily vista was of the supermarket opposite. The trick here was to create a beautiful and secluded garden with a sense of privacy, that would look great from every window. My client works from home so she wanted a sense of space and seclusion.

A beautiful courtyard in California gets a signature look


New windows and bold columns help to create a classic yet contemporary outdoor space. Offset with an abundance of beautiful roses, this contrast will create an area which is as inviting as it is unique. This tranquil space has a plethora of natural light, reflecting off the windows and my client will enjoy the heady scent of roses as they bloom. 


How technology can make simplicity attainable

A pastoral life in rural Connecticut - long idealised by purists and perfectionists to embrace the simple life in style. Ironically these days it is technology, which is helping to ensure that this traditional “simplicity” is attainable and has a future.

Pride in the beauty of an artisan built dry stonewall, or a ‘folly’ built in the moment with logs culled from your own land will never become outdated or over-rated.

Without modern advancement, such as storage tanks, irrigation, precision lawn cutting mowers, modern lighting, solar panels, deer fencing etc. This lifestyle would fall off for our contemporary lifestyles of today.

These days, simple is made 'simpler' because of technology, which is why ‘bucolic’ seems feasible to many in the future. 

What is more simple, classic or elegant than the rose?

I personally enjoy them in every form but no flower can surpass them in their abundance than the ‘Climbers’. 

And nothing can make a more fabulous statement - whether on a cottage, an English castle, or even a modern and upscale contemporary-style home.

It just so happens that climbers are generally the hardiest roses as well.

Often I grow Jasminum Polyanthum (pink Jasmine) with climbers - not only for visual impact but also for their heady scent, that is as much an assault on the senses as the abundance of climbing beauty is on the eye.