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One woman. One vision. One amazing talent.


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“I absolutely love working with Sandra. She has designed two beautiful gardens for me in Charleston, S.C. and the end results far exceed my expectations. 

Sandra has a way of working with her clients such that it really becomes more of a collaboration than a set plan. She works to help you reflect your story through her brilliant vision. She goes to great lengths to understand what your preferences are, what your tastes are and what your goals are, so that really, your own personality comes out in your garden but with her creative signature on it. Her vision for any project becomes so huge and vibrant, that you almost can’t believe that she was able to capture and execute your mere thoughts so grandly and perfectly. 

She also brings to the table ideas and elements that no lay gardener could ever come up with alone. She draws inspiration from her vast time in lovely places all over the world, and combines her own beautiful flare with the desires of her clients . . . the outcome of which is always a masterpiece.”


“Working with Sandra Visnapuu is an absolute pleasure!!! 

She approaches her projects with a passion that is unsurpassed. Quite simply, Sandra loves design, both interior and exterior, AND she excels at both!! Sandra exudes elegance and charm. Her designs reflect a sophistication found only in the magnificent manor houses and gardens of Europe.

We have been fortunate enough to work with Sandra on two projects: the interior home and exterior landscape design of our Saratoga AND Pebble Beach homes. My husband and I could not be happier with both experiences and would never hire anyone but Sandra!!

Why, you might ask? Sandra listens; she cares, and she inspires us to DREAM BIGGER!!

She is the consummate professional. Her expertise spans traditional to modern. Because Sandra wants her clients’ homes to reflect their taste (not hers), she provides multiple design options.However, we personally love Sandra’s style! In our minds, it is absolute perfection!! 

Sandra’s vision and passion are extraordinary. She is continually
envisioning something absolutely gorgeous. The moment you meet Sandra, you will know that you are dealing with someone very special. Sandra is beautiful- both inside and out!!”


“Sandra Visnpuu’s inspired designs will have you humming in your garden. 
She looks at “hopeless” and creates inspiration.
She looks at” impossible” and designs whimsy and beauty.
”Obstacle” to Sandra invites a welcomed challenge and ultimate success.

I have worked with Visnapuu Design for over two decades and during that time my gardens have evolved and surpassed my wildest imaginings. When I say work, that is actually a misnomer, because it is so much fun to be around her effervescent personality and endless energy. She has designed rock gardens, alpine gardens with winding, stone, hill-side paths, bog gardens, borders, a hemlock “guard house” with enclosed bench, and much more in my yard. 

No matter the budget, conditions, or personal tastes, Sandra will have the artful solution. I sing her praises!


“In 1990 I was fortunate enough to meet Sandra Visnapuu of Visnapuu Design, when she designed a most creative English garden for our home in Pebble Beach. I found her to be the most amazing, creative and talented landscape designer, and I was proud to have such a happy, colorful garden which brought us much pleasure. She even knew just where to put a special secret garden, to bring about a magical surprise. 

When Sandra moved, we were all saddened because she would no longer be looking after the garden, however, since she had so carefully established the bones of our garden, we were able to maintain her design. 

Sandra is not only an outstanding landscaper, but also an excellent party planner and interior decorator. Because of her extensive knowledge of English history, she instinctively realizes what is needed and is able to accomplish it. ”


“Sandra Visnapuu is a visionary landscape designer. She took a handful of very vague “ideas” from us, and totally transformed our boring front yard into a stunning and tranquil space. She has an uncanny knack of determining exactly what you want in a garden even if you are not sure yourself. She is a great listener, and will take your thoughts, and then apply her expert eye and knowledge to suggest a design that you would never have thought of yourself, and that will improve you environment and quality of life exponentially. 

Sandra created our design, so that it not only looks stunning from the kerb, but when you are inside the house, every window has a stunning vista, so you get pleasure from both inside and out.

She uses materials of the highest quality, and her fantastic team get the job done quickly, efficiently, and with minimal intrusion, mess or disruption. I cannot recommend Visnapuu Design highly enough!”