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A View from Within

A view from within

The Whole Picture

A priority for many when thinking of home design is "curb appeal”, which is very important, but our holistic approach allows us to complement the design of your interior along with the outside elements of your home. 

History is the future in how we use our spaces. 

No matter how much you spend, nor how beautiful you make it, your daily environment must reflect your comfort or it should be re-thought. Satisfaction and beauty can come from a flat screen television at the helm in a classic library. Perfect to read in, but equally - the best spot in the house to watch the game with the family, or enjoy a drink watching the news with a buddy.

 These days, with the ubiquity and convenience of the laptop - the dining room table is worth its space and position in the house when used as an office. Often it has a prominent view to the front garden or to the world around you, which can relieve the stress of work. When the day is done, it can then be cleared beautifully for a dinner party or family gathering. 

When designing a garden Sandra looks from the interior, as that is how you will enjoy it on so many days. When designing an interior, she balances, beauty, comfort, practicality and of course - how to maximise the enjoyment of your outside spaces - even when you are inside. 

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A luxury I never want to do without and always come back to is the importance of my living room. It is done in my colors, my beautiful mix of antiques along with good practical pieces, admittedly a few precious objects full of memories throughout help.

Rain or sunshine, a glance at the garden can be equally sumptuous from within. It is a moment from the ordinary to the extraordinary, it restores my confidence; a complete luxury.
— Sandra Visnapuu